What We Do - Welcome to Medicare Wellness Visit

Welcome to Medicare visit is also knows as "Initial Preventive Physical Examination or IPPE"

A complete physical examination
  • Medicare pays 100%
  • Covered only once a in a lifetime; must be provided within the first 12 months of your enrollment into Medicare. If you have already had a Welcome to Medicare visit or IPPE or are past the first 12 months from Medicare enrollment, please contact our office before your appointment.
  • What to expect during your visit: A Welcome to Medicare or IPPE is a focused physical exam, review of your health, and development of a plan to keep you healthy. It is NOT a comprehensive, "head-to-toe" physical exam.

If you are coming to our practice for the first time, please be sure to use our Online Appointment Request Form.

Important Notes

Per Medicare guidelines, should you have additional medical problems (new or existing) that are discussed/treated by the provider during your Welcome to Medicare or IPPE visit, this additional service will be billed separately and, therefore, is subject to the Medicare deductible/coinsurance/copay.
Comprehensive physical exams "head-to-toe" are NOT covered by traditional Medicare but may be covered by Medicare Advantage Plans; check with your insurance plan for benefits and coverage.

To schedule your appointment with Quest Diagnostics Lab, call 888/277-8772 or visit their website at www.questdiagnostics.com/appointment.
Please do not wear any lotions or skin creams on the day of your Preventative Visit, as an EKG may be performed.
Your overall health and wellness are our top priority.
We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle

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