Patient Information

Information about Medical Insurance, Coverage, Referrals, and more

Getting Started

Whether you are new to New Milford Medical Group or have been with us for years, this section is for you. From here you can visit our Patient Portal, where you have access to all your medical information, and you can even use the portal to pay your bill and track your medical expenses.
The following payments are due at the time of your visit:

  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Past Due Balances
  • **High Deductible Plans: If deductible has not been met, you will be required to pay $65 at time of visit. Your payment will be put towards the deductible amount applied by the insurance carrier.
Accepted payment options:
  • * Cash
  • * Check
  • * Credit Card
  • * Apple Pay
  • * Google Pay
To make a payment online, CLICK HERE..
Please call 860-355-1149 option 5 to reach the billing department.

We have office hours six days a week, plus telephone hours Monday - Friday 8:45 am to 5:00 pm.
A physician is always on call after regular office hours at 860-355-1149, our service will assist you to the on call physician.

Patient emergencies sometimes occur that may interrupt the normal appointment schedule. If a delay is likely to result because of an emergency, we will contact you as soon as possible and either reschedule your appointment with a different physician, or reschedule the appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

We now offer online appointment requests!

Just click here to request an appointment...
We will contact you to schedule your appointment”

Forms (as pdfs)

If you prefer, you can print out the appropriate forms from the list below, fill them out at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or office and then simply bring them with you to your visit. This will save valuable time when you arrive for your appointment.
If you need to download Adobe's free Acrobat reader, just click here.

Medical Insurance…

New Milford Medical Group participates with most health plans and networks. It is important to check whether your visit with us is covered by your health plan or network. Please contact your insurer for the most complete information about your specific plan, or call us at 860-355-1149 option 5.


Unfortunately, due to the increasing numbers in missed appointments, we are forced to implement a "NO SHOW/MISSED APPOINTMENT" Policy.

Appointments MUST be cancelled before 3pm of the previous day, or by 3pm on Friday for a Monday appointment. You may cancel an appointment via phone call 860-355-1149, option 2 and/or via the appointment reminder sent to you prior to your appointment.
Cancelling after 3pm will be considered a “Missed Appointment”. Not attending the appointment is considered a “No Show”. Fees will be assessed to the patient.
Fees will be assessed to the patient for EACH “Missed or No Show” appointment. If cancelled before 3pm, no fees are assessed to the patient. Should you be assessed with 3 or more “Missed/No Show” Appointments, your provider will consider this as a breach in your “patient to physician relationship” as well as “non-compliant with your medical care plan”, which can lead to a dismissal from the practice.
As a courtesy, appointment reminders are made multiple times to the contact information we have on file for the patient. It is the patient/guarantor’s responsibility to inform the office of any changes to the contact information.
For any questions or further details, please speak to any of our staff

Diabetes Education/Counseling

Diabetes Education/Counseling

Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management because diabetes requires day-to-day monitoring and medication

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic

We offer convenient in-home diagnostic sleep testing that, in most cases, is sufficient to diagnose any sleep issues.

Easy Storage Solutions

If you have ever wondered what we do when we have things that we have to store, we have turned to the flat pack containers from The Storage Answer. These units can be stored when not in use to make more room inside open spaces and store rooms, and even out in the vehicle lot space. Because these containers can be used inside as easily as out, it makes more sense than converting shipping containers! These units are weatherproof, sturdy and secure. They are much safer and more secure than a flimsy plastic shed and will be there for decades to come. We are very happy with the flat pack containers from The Storage Answer!