Coumadin Monitoring

Walk In Coumadin Testing Mon-Fri 9-4 pm

Coumadin (otherwise known as "Warfarin" as a generic drug) is an oral medicine taken daily and used to help prevent abnormal blood clotting in people with certain heart conditions or clotting disorders. The use of this medicine requires vigilant monitoring (thru finger-stick blood tests) and management by your medical team.
At New Milford Medical Group, we have more than 30 years of experience managing coumadin for our patients who need this medicine. To help our patients, we have instituted our "Coumadin Clinic"which is staffed daily by several Medical Assistants and your Provider.
Once starting Coumadin, our clinic provides patients with a schedule for monitoring but is also equipped to accommodate "walk-in" for coumdain monitoring anytime the office is open.
Once the finger-stick blood test is completed, your Provider will review the results and make recommendations for continued effective and safe coumadin dosing adjustments.

Diabetes Education/Counseling

Diabetes Education/Counseling

Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management because diabetes requires day-to-day monitoring and medication

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