What We Do - Preventative Visits

Important Information about your Preventative Visit

A complete physical examination

Annual Physicals are an important part of your overall health management plan. We encourage you to have a preventative visit according to the schedule and guidelines recommended by your provider and insurance carrier.

In most cases, preventative visits are covered by insurance. However, if you receive certain additional services during your visit, you may have to pay an out-of-pocket cost such as a copay or deductible.

Recommendations on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and smoking cessation, are usually offered.

In order to prepare for your upcoming physical, please review this document, and if you are coming for the first time, please be sure to use our Online Appointment Request Form.

Services INCLUDED in a preventative visit are:

  • A review of your medical history
  • A physical exam (such as head and neck, abdominal, or neurological)
  • Vital signs, plus height and weight
  • Risk Factors that could affect your health
  • Age-related counseling to improve your overall health
  • Ordering of screening tests (mammogram, colonoscopy, Diabetic Eye Exams or CT Low Dose) and immunizations, as needed

Services that could lead to additional charges during your visit:

  • Treatment/discussion of NEW concerns such as a rash, cough, depression or body/joint pain, and any other concern you or your provider might discuss
  • Treatment/discussion of EXISTING “chronic conditions” concerns such as asthma, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure or headaches, and any other concern you or your provider might discuss
  • Procedures such as ear cleaning, skin tag or wart removal and injections or EKG

To schedule your appointment with Quest Diagnostics Lab, call 888/277-8772 or visit their website at www.questdiagnostics.com/appointment.

Please do not wear any lotions or skin creams on the day of your Preventative Visit, as an EKG may be performed.
Your overall health and wellness are our top priority.
We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic

We offer convenient in-home diagnostic sleep testing that, in most cases, is sufficient to diagnose any sleep issues.

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